Cecilia Kusoffsky


About me

I am a graphic designer who also paint, draw and love colors! I usually paint with acrylics, but also use water colours, ink and whatever comes my way. My paintings can be abstract but I always search for shapes, and most often it ends up with faces, bodies flowers or birds.

Often, my paintings start completely without any thought at all, just flowing colors based entirely on impulse. It is a wonderful and playful process. There may be many layers of color before I find a shape or know how to proceed. Some paintings will be completed in just one hour, but more often the paintings are with me for a long time.

I am always on the lookout for new fun ideas and techniques and I can be inspired by almost anything around me, people, nature, books, photographs and of course other artists.


Stockholm, Sweden

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  • Reklam och dekoration, Riddarfjärdsskolan, Stockholm
  • l


    Acrylics, Aquarelle and ink


    People, all kinds

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