Britta Ortiz


About me

I have worked with art all my life. Being able to express myself artistically is a prerequisite for me to be able to function optimally and have a surplus in everyday life.

Although I have been making art all my life, it is only approx. 11 years ago, I first showed my art to the public. My relationship to the world is very existentialist. It is only when one swings between the positive and negative sides of life that one can appreciate the life we have. This is where life comes alive and meaningful. I love learning new things and constantly challenging myself. That is also why I have three different university degrees and deal with several different art forms.






I have attended a number of art courses, but have no formal art education. I am a medical doctor, have studied psychology and have a master’s degree in health anthropology.



I work with various graphic techniques, oil painting and ceramics, drawing, etc.


Nature, relationships between humans and animals, society and various issues that preoccupy me, psychological topics and more.


Previous exhibitions:

  • I have participated in several censored exhibitions in Denmark. In addition, I have participated in exhibitions around Denmark.
  • Exhibitions outside Denmark: Italy (Rome, Udine, Venice and Naples), San Diego, USA, London and Vienna. 

Current exhibitions:

  • I will be exhibiting my art in Tokyo, Madrid and Munich this year.

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