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Brian Kramer; originally from Brooklyn New York, now living in Sweden. 
I am mainly a professional musician/guitarist/singer/songwriter in the Blues-Roots field and have toured/recorded with many notable legendary artists like Eric Bibb, Isabella Lundgren, Junior Wells. Taj Mahal, Mick Taylor (of the Rolling Stones) to name just a few.
 But Covid-19 epidemic has wiped all opportunities to perform live and make a living as a musician away, so I started to draw again for myself and sanity, which was my first talent and I went to school at Art & Design HS in NYC.

I quickly started to fall back in love with drawing again and started to do it every morning, choosing specific subjects that I have had a relationship with in either music or certain environments, and many of my music friends/fans started to take notice and wanted to own my pieces.
 My main styles are pen and ink illustrations, cartooning, caricatures and visual arts. 
I create personalized drawings or fantasy scenarios using legendary, iconic musicians; blues, jazz, rock & roll, world music artists, whoever has won a song in your heart!
 Also, specialized anniversary portraits or landscape scenes.
 I don’t use computer programs, just pens, good paper and the time to make it come alive. 
I have pieces in my portfolio available or I can create a unique, original illustration just for you.



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High School Of Art & Design NYC


Illustration, Cartooning, Caricaturist, Visual Artist using pen and ink techniques


Van Gogh, Robert Crumb, Al Hirschfeld

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