Anne-Lise Toverud


About me

I’ve studied in the Academy of Fine Arts in Warzava Poland for five years. Now I’m an art’s teacher who teaches painting and I am also working with sculpture (Stone Carving , clay, creates different animals in bronze )

Two pillars shape my foundations; joy and thankfulness for life – for nature and everything alive. My inspirations are influenced by history and experiences; it’s about finding a voice, a silent but speaking voice leading the hand and the brush. I find solace in inspiration and the spirituellt in different rooms; the physical, mental spaces and the social spaces. I see birds, trees… people walking and cycling the light changes during the day and though the year tainted by history and experiences. The power of the mind is anchoring.


Åsgårdsstrand, Norway

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  • Five years art’s education, Academy of Fine Arts Warzava Poland
  • l


    I paint on linen, my technique of choice is acrylics/oil and different textures.
    I’ve also worked with Graphic. DGA -digital-art -graphic.


    The landscape in the ridge beach Åsgårdstrand. The forest, the beach and beach life. Birds, horses, people, all the seasons of the year; summer, autumn, winter, spring and all aspects of life; sorrow, love and dead.


    Current projects:

    • Different exhibitions in Norway
    • Intergraf 95 stronie slaski
    • Det polske kulturdep
    • Freie akademi Kassel Tyskland-Schlitze E.V.Frankfurt
    • Vellmar internationales bildhauern sympositium Skagen Danmark

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