Anne Gro Gulla


Om mig

I am a curious world traveler, fiction writer, a marketing professional and in constant seeking of understanding the mystery of life. Photography is my way to be in the flow, where time does not matter.
Having worked as a global marketing executive for 25 years for some of the world’s largest companies, I have visited many countries and cultures. I love travelling, both off the beaten track and in a pampered style. Many places count as ‘my favorite’, but I always go back to Masai Mara, Kenya.

Writing is another passion of mine and I published my first fiction novel in 2017. My second novel is currently with the publisher and the third is in the making. In 2015, I had breast cancer and blogged about my experience in the Huffington Post. Later this became a book called ‘Jolted back on Track’, available on Amazon.

As an artist as in life, I celebrate my core values ‘curiosity’, ‘creativity’ and ‘courage’. Finally daring to put what I find on the inside out into the world, I experience a new level of fulfillment and joy. A native Norwegian, I now enjoy living in Stockholm.



Styrmansgatan, Stockholm
Daas gate, Oslo




Diplom Kaufman, Universität Mannheim, Tyskland



Nikon D500, iPhone 8


Seeing the world through a lens adds purpose and joy.



  • Fotovernissage 16/5 – 2020

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