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About me

I grew up in Sweden with a Russian mother who was very disciplined mother and to me art and creativity is something that has followed me since I first started dancing ballet at the age of three and have been dancing until I was 22 years old and attended a three year dance school. I started playing the piano at five and as a 22-year old I stoped the dance and started with Yoga and been continue Im now 40 in June. I now teach in yoga at spa and Gong Bath- sound healing and working International as a singers and got listeners world wide. I always been doing various art forms and been continued sense with my music, art and photography and creating has always been something I I live for and I don’t know anything else. I work from my sub consciousness mind from a spiritual perspective and with my emotions and yes inner expressions and also from a strong cultural and nature and natural perspective. To be creative has always been my way of expressing myself and that’s the way it’s always been. When I was around fifteen years old I started doing analogy photography and workin a lot from that perspective. I love to make drawing and painting as it’s always been my way of meditating and expressing myself but also through my photography and film. I’m a multitasker and I also love working with textile and have my company and have 2 brand URBICA STUDIO where me running my art, textile and Yoga but as well my sound healing and YAMRAL SEEDS is kind of networking and T-shirts designs and music and film international. I working a lot with recycling, use organic material working from an eco friendly environment and sustainable. I express myself through my passion and there is no other choice but to keep creating, to stop creating art would be like to stop breathing. Yes I work with Visual Art, Mixed media-photography and artistic music art videos.
I’ve had several different art-clients over my years all over the world and working International the years who’ve requested me in working on various different styles and forms. In recent time I’ve been finishing up is my music Album Flowers In Jah Garden with a Spanish around  and work public and in private sector who often commission me like clients for library,  murals for food trucks, motifs for restaurants or various assignments and some logos from Yoga Studios.

There’s always different people in the public and private sector like libraries or Yoga studios who often commission me for my art motifs and murals.

Like I previously mentioned I’m an eco-friendly artist, my goal is to work sustainable and ecologically. In the art, in a graphically undulating way where everything can happen and weave in words. I like the clean but still ever so skewed a balance between city and nature. With sound, moving or still standing perspective and expression to cultural.

Photography is as well something I use as a foundation of my art.

I’m a member of the Board of Directors for KKV in Göteborg  and abroad for Konstnär Kollektiv (Artist Collective) for professional/ – working artists


Gothenburg, Sweden

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Bamboo , acrylic, calligraphy pen, photography & textile, graphic design and recording
(Digital tools; Photoshop, Premier pro, Illustrator, Logic Pro)


Visual Art. I work with different means of expression from a spiritual perspective down to earth, with fluid lines, soft movements. Where nature meets the urban balancing.

Current projects:

  • I working for an art exhibition in autumn Falköping,
    Rizoma Gallery 1/9 – 2020
  • New upcoming album in process 
  • New Yoga photoshoot in the works with different Yoga attendees

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