Alexandra Walsh


About me

I am a Russian immigrant residing, in Sweden since the early 2000’s. I presently live in Gothenburg and am under the apprenticeship of Yusuke Nagano.

One of the driving forces behind my artistry is to understand and explain existence. This had led to the, perhaps, somewhat bizarre career of being a scientist while also being an artist. As a scientist, I study the intricacies of water colour pigments and use the gained insights to create visual narratives which meditate upon reality. A reality that is shaped by being observed by me. Landscapes and objects of nature are central in my work as I use them to explore the human condition.


Gothenburg, Sweden

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I work mostly in water colours, but also other media


The art world is vast and so is the number of artists that inspire me. However, to me, there is no greater artist than nature and it is from it that I draw majority of my inspiration to explore questions of existential and metaphysical character. Neo-romanticism and magical realism are the two contemporary movements that I identify with the most.

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