To highlight the meditative aspects of our lives is no easy road to attention. For many years Gunny Brørby has highlighted presence and togetherness in her art, and when she took on the challenge to spread her message she knew she had a long way to go.

Living and working in Helle, Norway, Gunny Brørby finds inspiration in people and nature but even more so from the world within which connect us all.

– I want my pictures to come with a message. I have gone my own way and want to express something inside the human being. Society and the force of nature are important factors for my art and to be free and express myself is a way to show the moment we live in. So much potential is overlooked and we are often put down in our self belief which then kills our inspiration.

The beauty of the moment is the core element in Gunny’s mission; Life happens right now, yet it is rarely noticed unless we open our mind. First when we find this way of seeing we experience the real joys of life.

– Life is often 180 degrees out of proportion. Fears are forced upon us and that is also why I have withdrawn from all politics. Instead my intention is to create paintings that are healing, with birds and flowers. I want to give space for the kindness of nature and animals – and thus open up hidden doors to beauty inside.

For many years Gunny was deeply involved in the political world, maintaining a strong left wing position. She learned to speak up for her cause, published articles – but also suffered from anxiety.

– 25 years ago I decided to change my life. I practiced meditation for 1,5 years to find my path, I found a fantastic mentor and after a few years my life had changed drastically. I withdrew from the political world, followed my dream and focused on the beauty of life.

Gunny feels much empathy for animals and sees vulnerability in nature – a deep emotion that is brought into her art universe. Yet being understood when expressing a deeper emotion is hard.  Whereas some people go deep many people may just see something ”pleasant”.

– I definitely have an agenda in my paintings and my aim is to make people experience something deeper in my pictures. I have held a lot of courses in painting and I am currently writing a book about my life. There is so much beauty to experience yet so much anger in the world.

To stay present and creative Gunny practices yoga and makes a big effort to fulfill her life.

– I have always been an intellectual and I try to bring the best from two worlds – the intellectual and the spiritual. Life is more than we see and think. The intellect is a good thing – but there is more to feel than the intellect can achieve.

Gunny’s journey is now and she is using the power she has inside. She has gone a long way to be where she is. and we will follow her on her journey – to paint create art ant to inspire people. See more paintings in Gunny’s portfolio at Artportable 

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More reading: See Gunny’s blog. Click here.

Extract from the blog:

If you have wings.

Jeg tror de aller fleste ønsker å følge en drøm eller to.Vi hører jo så mange historier om mennesker som våger å tre utenfor konfortsonen, følge sine drømmer.Det er inspirerende og hjelper oss dypest sett til at vi våger mer.Marianne Fredricson Amerikansk forfatter sier» you playing small doesn’t serve the world ..there is nothing enlightening about shrinking so other people around you want feel ensecure .As we let ourlight shine we uncounsiously give other people permission to do the same.

Hva hjelper det verden at vi lar vårt lys være under en skjeppe ..Når vi lar vårt lys skinne så tillater vi andre mennesker å skinne også.Frigjøre vår frykt.

For noen meg selv inkludert er det litt truende også fordi det møter noe som de/vi ikke er klare for .I maleprosesser dukker utfordringene opp på samme måte.Bilder som minner deg om dine egne prosesser .Det å male intuitivt er kanskje det å male personlig og i det noe universelt.Dele dine bilder som kan føles som personlig men ….we are all linked together.?

Dette diktet skrev jeg for mange år siden da boken Øyeblikket ble utgitt.

On your way travelling in the Universe

To find yourself from

Coast to city

To land with heat

From landscape cowered in snow

To sun and oranges

To land in pain

And land with mercy

Alone but not alone

Linked together

With divine energi

The wold is big yo think

You feel alone

And want to sink

But the power of love

Transform from

Big to small

From where you are

And overall

The world is yours if you want.

Dette bildet Travelling kom den gang.